Add Timer And Switch To Same Virtual Pin


I Would Like To Know, if it is possible to control the same virtual pin with Switch as well as i would also like to add a timer to it. I am using the new blynk 2.0.

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Hello. Yes, you can.

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You can control a virtual pin using many methods in the same time for example : you can control a light using a switch, timer, device status, voice control, etc Using the automations.

If you’re using the Blynk IoT time input widget then it isn’t a simple on/off command, so controlling the same pin with a switch widget won’t really work.
If however you wanted to use an automation then you could add a switch widget to the same pin.


Can Please tell the detailed steps to do so? I want to add timer functionality. However it is possible.


Would you like to use the timer widget or the automations which I highly recommend you to use ?

If you choose the New Automation way then :

Expose the virtual pin that you intend to use with switch to Automation by going to the advance tab/setting in the data stream setup.

And in the dashboard use the same virtual pin to Button/switch.

Now you can time the button/switch with automation as well as control the same with the button/switch.

But i am afraid that you dont get any feedback from the automation when the output turns on !! Like the virtual button/switch changing colour or text from Off to On and vise versa.

To overcome this you should use the time input, as we will have to code manually on how the switching is done and what feedback we want.

Right now there is no way to read the status of the automation ON / OFF.

Warning : if the device looses the internet then the automations will not work.

Offline automations is on development ( Plus and Pro users)

Hey there.

Actually the automation will act like a switch (outputting data) so if you want a feedback you should get the pin status not the automation status. For example I’m using this to get the light status, so when I ask alexa about the light status, alexa will get the pin status using api then speaks out the status.

Can you show us how you are accomplishing this ?

Yes sure. Just give me 15 minutes.

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Alright, you will use voiceflow, go to and sign up