Add on kits

I am thinking of getting an add kit for an Arduino the type of kit that has various sensors ,leds just want to know if any member has used this type of kit and are they worth the money
Thanks oldvolt

I often drooled over those kits… but usualy ended up simply salvaging parts from old broken consumer appliances instead.

That said, not everyone likes doing that… Many of the China made eBay kits are a good value in the sense that they usually have free shipping, and a potentially large selection of essential bit’s’n’bobs that help when learning how to use Blynk. “Control an LED/relay/motor… well do I have one first?.. and what about that needed breadboard/connection wires/resistor/h-bridge/sensor… no?, Oh well go watch TV instead” :slight_smile:

Look closely at the included items… many fluff things out with resistors, LED’s and wires… of which you can buy separately in bulk for a much better deal. But some have a good selection of really useful components - LCD displays, Stepper Motors, Breadboards, Sensors and Controls that are easy to plug into said breadboards, etc.

As you go forward, you will soon be able to pick and choose individual items that you may get the better value for, but until then, it is just nice to have a kit or two of random parts to actively work with the hardware side as you learn to use Blynk the software side.