Add new devices blynk project

I want to add new devices in my project and will not let me because blink faces is activated

How can you do?



To add a new device, you need to remove the Preview Application.

After removing the Preview Application, the Parent project will be unlocked and you will be able to add/remove a device.
P.S. A little uncomfortable, but it is necessary.

I can not find a way to disable this mode in the application so I can add more devices

How is it done?

By deleting the My Apps you created from the project.

It does not work, in my applications there is no project.

I have a local server

Are you sure?

Cloud and local work the same.

Sure !!

Have you ever shared or cloned the project?

No, I have never cloned or shared my project, it works perfectly and only fails on this topic.

Ok one last test. Try to select the project in My Apps and once it’s been created try deleting the app and see if that fixes it. You don’t need to go trough the full procedure of My Apps just the creation of an app.

I have done it with this project and I have not got it, however I have created a new project and I have performed the add and remove operation of my applications and it works perfectly

The problem is with this particular project made with old versions of Blynk

You might need to go into the local server and hack the files.

Hm… Interesting. Hard to say how exactly this happened

Yes, now it is clear what the problem is.
I have had the same problem several times.

You are not lucky, for now there is no solution to this problem.
Try to do, as recommended by @Costas .

Ok, in the end I have cloned the project and it works

Thanks for the help

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