Add More Than One Wideget Per Pin

It would be nice to be able to add more that one widget per pin (digital/analog/virtual). For instance, I want a graph and a display widget to show the temperature on the virtual wire 5.



This is a cool idea. We already thought about it, but please give us some time to sleep with it :smile:

For now, you could just use multiple virtual pins, and just assign both pins the same value in your Arduino code.

Yes I miss this too.
Now I need two virtual pins and two virtual write commands with the same measured value,
one for a display widget and one for the graph.
It gives unnecessary extra code.

Also would be useful this feature for Timer widget.
For example: when I need switch ON and OFF something more than once per a day by a timer (06:00 AM - 08:00 AM and 04:00 PM - 10:00 PM), now I have to handle two (or more) different virtual pin variables.
I am sure Blynk team can solve and implement it easily.
Logic is, e.g. Timer1 (V1), Timer2 (V1), … Timer’n’(V1) (all Timer widget are assigned for same virtual pin):
V1 is HIGH if Timer1 OR Timer2 OR … Timer’n’ is ON,
V1 is LOW if Timer1 AND Timer2 AND … Timer’n’ are OFF.

Another option may use only one Timer widget for one virtual pin in case of adding more ON and OFF time possibilities by following the mentioned logic.
Now we have one ON time and one OFF time input box in Timer widget. If we had an adding option (like in Eventor and some other widget), we could set more ON-OFF option for same virtual pin with using only one Timer widget - it is a space safer solution on the dashboard.