Add location of device by lat/lon


I have multiple devices (~200) spread over an area of about 2x2 km (a camp site).
Every device has a fixed location.

I want to use the map in the “My devices” to show an overview of all devices to make it easier for the owner to select the correct device.

I am able to add a location:

But this is address based and not granular enough for what I want (the camp site has 1 address…).

Is there a way to show a device on this map based on a lat lon?

Maybe create an option to edit the lat/lon value in above overview or is there another way?


If you use the mouse to drag the blue “drop pin” pointer around the map, the latitude and longitude values will change, so you can fine-tune the location. You can also use the “+” and “-” keys, or the scroll wheel on the mouse, to zoom in/out to make exact positioning easier…

You can also switch views using the icon in the top right of the map if that makes things easier…



Hey Pete, I need help with the Map widget in the web version of Blynk 2.0,it’s regarding adding values in the Callout tab how can I add more than one values in the given tab

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