Activating a sound on a smartphone

Is there any way that Blynk can activate a sound on the smartphone as an alert of some event?

Yes. Push notifications widget is designed for that.

You can you use Blynk.notify on your code. More info here.

It does not suite the requirement.
I need a pure sound, not the notification.

If you’re on iOS, go to Settings>Notifications>Blynk and turn off all the notification types except for Sounds. I’m sure there’s a similar solution for Android.

Solution through the ass, as we call it in Russia


You mean even if your Blynk app is not active?

Yes, its higly desirable. even better to have it configurable.

BTW, there are a number of widgets, that take place on dashboard, while not doing anything noticeable.
E.g. RTC, Notificaion, etc.
Would it better to hide it during execution phase, to save place for usefull ones?

As it done e.g. in Visual Basic, when you can put Timer or Comport on the form, but not display it while run.

Here is a problem. In order to do that we need to hold background thread with opened connection. This will consume battery a lot. While push notifications use system thread that is running despite any app.

Agree. However this will require a lot of redesign. At the moment we do not have resources for that.

Anyway, thanks for attention, Dmitriy.
At the moment one of solution could be to place them in another tab of dashboard.

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Dmitriy, at least now you can change the width of these widgets to half a led widget.

I think you can drag them below the visible area of the display in order to hide them - at least I can on my Android.

@jtthewoodworker Please take note of Time/Date stamps before posting. This topic is rather old and well before the scrollable desktop feature you described :wink: Thank you.