Activate Event with virtual pin

Hello everyone,

I am having fun with Blynk and a plant watering system and I have a question about the eventor. Basically, I want to have 3 watering mode : Night = Off, Day each 2 hours and Day each 5 hours.
To do this, I wanted to combine Menu widget (to select the mode) and the Eventor widget to activate my relays, mostly to be able to change the time period on the go.

My question is, is there a way to activate and deactivate one or more events based on a virtual pin output ?

You can easily trigger the event based on the value of a vPin…

Hi Gunner,
By Activate, I really meant activate, not trigger.

To explicit, I want to do something like this : “When V1 = 1 then activate Event 1”
Event 1 : “From monday to saturday at 8am, do something”
And of course, the hardest part is not the Event 1 :slight_smile:

Same things :slight_smile:

That is how Eventor works, it is triggered/activated by your initial commands… time, pin states, etc. You don’t create an event that triggers/activates on a time then try to trigger/activate it with a pin instead.

@Gunner, I think that @kaosss is looking for a way to make an event “Active” or “Inactive” based on the state of a Virtual Pin. For example, When V1 is HIGH, allow Event 17 to be “Active”. Basically a way to make events “Active” or “Inactive” in Eventor with a Virtual Button, and not having to stop the project, open Eventor and select the “Active” or “Inactive” option.

As far as I know, this is not possible.

Got ya… yes it is possible to deactivate an event manually when editing the Eventor widget, but not via code AFAIK… That may be a commercial only option.

@kaosss Sorry, I didn’t realise you had one of those skinny phones like I do… this forum just refuses to display them properly :confounded: … probably auto scaling has been removed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and I didn’t look at the full screenshot, so I missed your exact Activate/Deactivate reference… and was instead taking your terms generally :blush:

@Gunner, @Toro_Blanco explained it way better than i did, it is exactly what I expected.
It was a way to “bypass” the fact that you cannot have many conditions on the Eventor widget.
Otherwise, a simple “If V1 = 1, when monday to saturday do something” routine would work

Yes, this addition of more advanced boolean logic options has been requested by others as well.