Action failure message: Your server returned a 400

Hello community of blynk

im need some help to solve this problem that im stuck with.

im trying to control a relay with google assistant ussing IFTTT platform(webhooks)
its working good on my cellphone but when i use ifttt it shows a error message(Your server returned a 400.)

my webhook method is made like this:
Method: PUT
Content type: Application/json
body: [“0”]

sorry if i make a mistake writing on English, i’m from México
i hope someone can help me,i will appreciate much:D

btw: im using the nodemcu 8266

I recommend you to use get method instead of put.

Url :
Method : GET
content type : application/json
header is empty

Are you using blynk iot or blynk legacy ?

im using blynk IoT

Check this out :

Thanks john you help me a lot, i dont know how to thank you, its working :smiley:

I’m so glad it worked.
Have a great day.