Account Lost

I moved a few months ago and am now getting things set back up in my new house, but when I went to log in to my account the Blynk website is saying there is no account associated with my email address. Have I lost my account? Is there any way to get my projects back? Thank you for the help.

Hello @jmhinton. The account is automatically deleted if there was no activity for 6 months.

What do you see on the Blynk web platform after logging in?

I wasn’t even able to log in because it said there was no account associated with my email. I just created a new account with the email address and it’s empty.

With same email?


If you managed to create a new account with the same email, then your first account has been deleted. Only one account can be created on the same server with one email. Even if your first account was deleted, then it is not possible to restore the data.

That’s unfortunate. Thank you for the help.

Hello. can you help me. I want to purchase a PRO plan, but if I don’t pay for the next month, how long will the project last?

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If you stop paying then the account will revert to a free plan.
That will probably mean that you lose virtually all of your functionality, and most of your users will be unable to access their devices.