Account and projects disappeared

I have been using Blynk for about a year. Today, i seem to have updated the Ios app and found that I couldn’t login into my account. The app/server refused to even recognize my email. I had to create a new account (with the same email). But then all my previous projects have disappeared, alongwith any credits.

Has someone looked into this?

@electronicsguy are you using Blynk cloud server or a “local” server?

A few threads of this nature now. Normally Blynker error, see Can't logon to local server with iOS APP and [SOLVED] Lost project after creating certifcates

Or this

hmm ok. Well i did change my location and didn’t know about the geo dsn thingy. In any case, is there any way I can now recover my old account?

dmitriy: this info could be added to the app error screen, so that users could refer to it in the future without creating a new account. Better still, find a more efficient way for the data across dns domains to be in sync?

Please follow instructions from link I gave you above. You need to type correct IP in app interface.

We do this for business. As Blynk Cloud is free we are not gonna increase maintenance cost for free. We do not have resources for that. Sorry. + there are workarounds like local server or hardcoded IP.