Access to web console

Is there a way to access the web console from an Android phone (using Chrome). I am always redirected to the Blynk IoT app. Most probably a config issue in Android but I have no clue.

A similar situation on my iPad works fine (Blynk iot app concurrently with the web console in Safari).


Yes it’s possible.

It’s certainly not possible on an iPhone anymore, but it was previously.
Even doing the “Request desktop site” option returns a “not supported on your system” message.

That’s a pity, because there are some things you just can’t do in the app, and you don’t always have a tablet/desktop PC handy when you need one.
Using a phone was a pain, and it’d still far from ideal on a tablet, but I have previously found using a phone useful in certain situations.


Thanks Pete, I was looking for a (dirty) workaround to hide one device for my children but still being able to control the device from the same phone (incase of emergency). The main access to that device for me would be the webconsole on my Mac.

I used to run two different instanties of the app (with that special device on a new user) using Parallel Space but that is not too convenient. Upgrading to Pro for that single usecase is however an overkill.

Works with request desktop version from Microsoft edge browser but its not viewing friendly

Or else

Thanks, but I think I’d rather not bother :face_vomiting:


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I dont use it. I use safari. But something is better than nothing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Android 11 mobile works. Here Chrome 102:

Just select “Desktop adapted”, or what it is called in English.

It called desktop site.

Jonas, John,

Thanks, works like a charm.