Access Blynk app with/without internet connection

We have a home automation project based on esp8266 .
We need some patch to communicate to esp directly when in local wifi instead of App-wifi-server-esp it should work App-wifi-esp when both esp and phone app is in same network.

This will solve dependency and delay in execution. Both for private Server or Blynk server.

Thanks in Advance

The only time the server is not directly involved with a Blynk linked device is with Bluetooth… and even then the server is still necessary for the App to run.

Yes ,
but accessing esp devices locally has already been done using different platform . I am just accepting it with Blynk .

Use local wifi direct communication when in same network,
And use existing via server communication to access remotely.

Still don’t understand what you need assistance with.

You shouldn’t experience significant delays with a local server.