AC dimmer with arduino uno R3 and ESP8266-01

I do follow AC Dimmer ESP8266 Shield Arduino Pro Micro and found some error.

I fix “#define EspSerial Serial1” to “#define EspSerial Serial”. it’s work.

But when I upload the code it have some error.

How I can fix it?:sweat_smile:

Are you trying to upload the code with the Esp attached? You must remove the Esp before upload it.

What that’s mean?

The connectino is ture or flase ?

TX(ESP8266)--------------RX(Uno R3)
CH_PD(ESP8266)-------------- 3.3 V(Uno R3)
VCC(ESP8266)--------------3.3 V(Uno R3)
RX(ESP8266)--------------TX(Uno R3) by voltage divider 2k and 1K Ohm
GND(ESP8266)--------------GND(Uno R3)

Try to feed your ESP from external power supply, the arduino is not the best choice.
Did you fix the ESP at the same Baudrate as the UNO? 9600 should be OK

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