AC dimmer for 230V


Need help with code for AC dimmer (
Do you have any idea how this control module using blynk?

Many thanks for any advice Jan

Should be easy enough to port once you work out how to use it without Blynk.

To make a short answer long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: After a quick look at the available examples, it appears to be a simple dumb triac based dimmer - dumb as in the microcontroller can’t just send a PWM signal, but must rapidly pulse digital pins at the microsecond range. They do show an advanced example that uses TimerOne.h library (for ATmega168/328 - probably no good for ESP), but then you would have to test to see if that works alongside Blynk’s library without causing timing conflicts… I would suggest finding something else that just requires a PWM signal.

So in answer, no quick answer. But if you get it, test it as @Jamin suggests. Then someone might be able to assist in the Blynkification.