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I’m starting a new project that allows me to turn my light on through my phone with blynk. I’m using an arduino uno and I need to know what hardware I can use to connect the arduino to blynk on my phone. I would like the hardware to be wireless so it doesnt have to plug into anything like an ethernet shield does. any suggestions

Hi Cococriner, you can use an ESP8266 module. Depending on which version of it you get (ESP-01 through ESP-12), the price and size will vary.

Also, the ESP8266 actually supports the Arduino IDE so your project could simply use an ESP8266 by itself without an Uno.

I’ve had success using an ESP8266 (ESP-01) with an LED, set up Blynk code, and used the Blynk app on my iPhone to turn the LED on and off.

Two words of caution when using an ESP8266:

  1. The ESP-01 (maybe other ESP8266 versions) can be very finicky. I’ve read so many different wiring configurations to properly upload code from my laptop to the module, and I’ve finally found one that works for me. I can share my setup with you, and also links to other ones that didn’t work for me.
  2. The ESP-01 (maybe other versions too) are very hungry, meaning they will go through your batteries in a day or 2, depending on how frequently you have it send/receive data from WiFi. This is just the nature of WiFi. If you can plug it into a wall then great! Also you will need to adjust the voltage down to 3.2V for the ESP-01.

You can order the ESP-01’s on Alibaba for cheap. On Amazon, sellers will mark it up a few more dollars.

Good luck!

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Проблема в отличии работы Table Widget для андроид и IOS устройства.
Клон на андроид устройстве показывает верхнюю строку таблицы, остальное поле пустое. В IOS полноценное отображение.
как решить?

I wanna use the menu in blynk, but I can’t. for example with simple sketch:
When a user select the 1st item it will blink an LED for a short duration, and when the 2nd item is selected it will blink the previous LED for a long duratin.
Is that possible?
I’m using NODEMCU D1 mini

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I just starting the Wemos D1 mini via Blynk as newbie. Isntalled the library on Arduino IDE, download Blynk on my Iphone 8, Now, after I login in with name and password, I can see my device “D1mini”, but my Blynk app don’t show a new project window?



BTW, I the Blynk version is 3.41(D). All I want is Using this app to blink a LED tie to WEMOSD1mini D0. And control to ON and OFF from my Iphone via Internet.


I suggest that you start a new “need help with my project” topic, and provide ALL of the information that is requested when the draft topic is created, and any additional information that might be useful.