About tariff plans Maker and PRO

I want to bring the opinion of a developer of various small projects to Blynk.
The specificity of my projects is that:
a) they are not business projects, so the use of the PRO plan is impossible - its extensive functions are unnecessary, and the price is prohibitive;
b) each individual project is a separate template and a separate one (!) device (this could be water supply pump control, boiler control, generator control, etc.) - the key point is that the number of devices and the number the templates always match;
c) quite a lot of such small projects can be built, and accordingly, if a suitable tariff plan is used, they will bring a constant profit.

Thus, for my needs, the functions of the Maker plan are not enough, and the functions of the PRO plan are unnecessary.

I think that this situation that I am faced with is also relevant for many other developers who work (or will work) with Blynk.

Accordingly, it would be great if there was an intermediate tariff plan between these two tariff plans.
This would make Blynk more flexible, adaptable to different user conditions, and able to gain more users in the future.

Thank you.

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