About storing data from sensor to Blynk

Hi, Blynk Community!

This is the first time I’ve posted in our forum. If I have mistakes, please forgive me. Thanks, everyone.
I have a question wanted to solve:

What is the size of memory storage in Blynk and how much data can I store in Blynk server?


Local or Cloud server?


I used Cloud server

I don’t thi9nk that there are any actual limits as such, but you can only store one data point per virtual pin per minute. Other data points sent to the pin during that time will be averaged, and the average written to the database.
I have data going back over 2 years on the Blynk cloud servers and it is all viewable via Suprtchart. However, if you want to download this data then you can only get the last 10 days or so in 1 minute resolution, and upto 6 months in 1 day resolution (all values averaged over a 24 hour period.

If your data is important to you then you either need to set-up scheduled reports to extract the data then manually assemble this into your own spreadsheet or other database, or set-up your own local Blynk server and enable raw storage (and have sufficient space to store the data).


thanks for your response