About local server. Minimum hardware requirement?


Iā€™m going to build Blynk local server. I need to ask about system minimum requirement. I found Orange Pi one is cheapest Raspberry like mini pc. It has allwinner ARM cotex A7 quad core 1.2 ghz. 512MB ram. Is that enough to run Blynk local server? I use about 5 - 6 Blynk client.

More than enough. I run it on similar hardware and Blynk performs excellent :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response

@Lichtsignaal as iā€™m new to Raspberry field ,so i ask if i can use Raspberry pi zero as a local server ??

@JohnNassiem yes you can

But of course you have to add a network interface of some sorts.

I think its the most cheapest server for Blynk :slight_smile: here is project link. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/onion/omega2-5-iot-computer-with-wi-fi-powered-by-linux/description

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@alonewolfx2 base model looks good value at $5 but everything else looks quite expensive.

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I feel exactly the same. I was backer for onion tho
No Analogue input unfortunately

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Right. Also shipping is expensive too

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