Ability to add new row of space (all widgets move down)


What could be really helpful is if there was a mechanism to make a new blank row, such that all the widgets below would move down a row. :slight_smile:

And a way to delete a full blank row. :slight_smile:

The amount of time spent editing the UI is tiny compared with the time spent using the app in run mode.
I’d prefer to see developer time used on creating new widgets and runtime tools as opposed to UI editing tools.


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@PeteKnight +1

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I for one believe that Blynk’s primary benefit IS the editing abilities, and I certainly need to do lots of editing to recover from scaled fonticide :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … although I am now unsure if DIY developer/user support is in the developers end game.

I am also unsure of the limited ability of adding a line, but would love to see better editing features like multi-widget selection for movement/placement, importing/exporting widgets (and settings) from project to project, better tab and even project order arrangement…

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Oooh - better idea to have multi-select of widgets!