A thought about some kind new widget

Hello all founders so-founders and all desingners and programmers!

Im doing a project witm my contryhouse gas-heater and boiler.

There is not enough space in dashboard to place all i need.
Most of them are sliders. Sliders need to set up Hysteresys cruve.(to set on and of stage).
It will be greate to have a slider with 2 stage “low” and “high”(in one slider)

Do you use Tabs?

Yip I use… But there is not enought space even for controllers widgets.
I got one tab for control and look at parametrs one for history graf one for brigded devices… Even wirh tabs my dashboard is full on “control tab”

so on ios (iphone) i have not this problem(not enough space)so what’s happen on my android? so whay?

This is an old (and since resolved) idea topic. Please open up a new topic of your own, with much clearer details on whatever your issue is. Thank you