A classic one : Arduino + Iphone + nrf8001

Hello all!

I’m triyng for a few days to connect my iphone to my arduino uno via a adafruit nrf8001 with no luck.
The serial window says :

(367) Connecting…

and it never connect.

I tested the connection with adafruit sketch echodemo and it seems to work, but nothing with Blynk.

I’m aware that it is a newbie question, i’ll be very happy to get some help.


Some precisions cause I cannot find any useful tips looking around :

. Uno + nrf800& connect successfully to iphone 6 (last os) (checked with nrf toolbox + nrf connect) and is able to communicate
. for some reason, the name of the device is C0100155B0FBB and not Blynk as it is written in the sketch
. i’ve installed new libraries and clean old ones.
. i tried commented spi.h with no luck

Help will be very appreciated :slight_smile:


6 days for now that i’m fighting with blynk, iphone 6 and adafruit nrf8001 and nobody answer.
Thanx a lot for your help.

BLE projects are not that popular, no wonder no one came across.
Did you add the “BLE” widget to the dashboard. Did you connect nrf8001 to the iPhone (open BLE widget settings -> Connect BLE Device)

Thanks for your answer!
I didn’t add the “BLE” widget, I can’t find it in the app store.
I turn on the bluetooth and i launch blynk in “play” mode, the i upload the code on the arduino and open the serial terminal to check…
Could you please tell me more about that widget?

@Flyingsoon widgets are not individually available in the app store. When you install the Blynk app you have all the widgets including BLE. Stop the app with button top right and then press the icon to the left (a circle with a + inside).

This is where you will find the 30 to 40 available widgets.


@Flyingsoon BLE is just a widget among others that you add to your project (buttons, sliders, etc). Stop your project and tap on the empty project space and you’ll see a list of available widgets.

@Costas FYI iOS version doesn’t have a plus button to add a widget, just taping or swiping project space.

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@Eugene apart from the hardware limitations why are the 2 versions built differently?
Although tapping and swiping is common practise these days it’s not as obvious as an actual icon.
Maybe why @Flyingsoon was struggling.

The UX in general is slightly different on Android and iOS platforms, good designers never blindly copy.

But regarding this particular button, I believe @Pavel just didn’t like how 3 buttons in a row (and title shifted) look on iOS. But I may be wrong.

I misunderstood! I did try to add a BLE widget (was looking into iphone widget)
So I tried again and it is able to find UART with BLE widget in first attempt but it does not connect. If i try a second time after failed it doesn’t find UART anymore. Then, when I launch the project, Blynk doesn’t tell me "device is offline"So I guess iphone is connected to the nrf800…
I also check again that I can connect and send byte with nRF toolbox provided by the manufacturer of nrf8001 and it works.
Following vhymanskyy’s link, I did restart the phone without success.
I really appreciate your help and I keep faith in a success!

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Please post here exact models and model versions of your Arduino and nrf8001

Genuino uno
Adafruit nrf 8001 BLE
IDE 1.8
Blynk release 4.4 2
Adafruit nrf8001 library from 27/05/2016 (latest I found)

I too am not able to connect the Adafruit nrf 8001 BLE. And today I got a bluetooth Bean from punchThrough. There’s an example sketch for the Bean in the blynk example folder, so I had my hopes up. But I can’t get it to work, either. Does anyone have ANY kind of bluetooth peripheral, breakOutBoard, BLE type device that they’ve gotten to work with iOS Blynk?

I’m still not able to connect my adafruit nrf8001… If you find a working BLE device with IOS and arduino, I’ll be very interested :slight_smile:

We hear you guys. I will get a BLE module in a few days and will check on my side.

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Thank you @Eugene, we stay tuned!

Another question, just in case :
I use Blynk exemple for nrf8001 in BLE connection.
Is that normal that my “Sketch uses 22898 bytes (70%) of program storage space.” (Arduino compiling quote)
It seems to be a lot for a simple exemple…

Hello all!
Do you have some news with adafruit nrf8001?
I just bought a hm-10 witch successfully connect to light blue app but still no luck with Blynk…
I’m starting to lose faith to use Blynk with iOS…

Anyone making any progress on iOS/BLE of any kind of hardware.