4 arduino + sensors and 1 remote switch... use Bridge?

Good morning all-

This is more of a general best practice question, but I have 4 esp’s each connected to a temperature sensor… they each have their own auth token. I have them all set to send data via bridge to what’s essentially a 4 way on/off esp controlled switch that turns on if any of the esp’s request cooling and it turns off if 0/4 of my esp’s are requesting cooling. Is using Bridge the best/only way to achieve this?

I am doing something similar however I have all the ESP devices sharing an auth. From a number of Blynk projects standpoint, I like it. However, if one of the devices goes down I won’t be able to tell which one did (from the app).

Check this out for another option that might work for you.

Sounds like your best setup would be taking advantage of Multi Devices in the single Project.

Create a new device/auth code for each sensor and 1 for the “base” switch.

Here is an example dash you can take a look at.

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@Jamin Interesting example… I see that I can display temps from multiple devices (each with their own auth code) on one dashboard, but what mechanism do I use, also within this dashboard to get my ‘switch’ esp to flip on and off (with some logic as I want it to switch ON if Any of the 4 sensors request, and to turn off only if none of them are requesting the switch… Would I still do this through bridge?

Yup use a Bridge to send a command to turn on the switch.