3G/4G Blynk conectivity

I have used Blynk with NodeMcu (wifi connection) and I love it.
My question is:
Is there any blynk compatible hardware that would allow to remotely control a device where only mobile (3g/4g) connectivity is available?
Setting up a wify hotspot from the 4g connection is not an option because wify introduces 2.4Ghz interference that is not tolerable in my application.
I was thinking about something like a Raspberry Pi with a usb 3g/4g dongle but I have no Idea on how to set it up.
If there was something line NodeMcu but with 3g/4g connection instead of wife it would be perfect!
Any help will be appreciated.

you can set up your raspberry with a 3g modem as usual an then use our Node.JS library for Blynk integration.

I’ll check that, thank you so much for the fast reply!

Or you can use your phone as a hotspot for your NodeMCU to connect to.


Edited to add - Sorry, didn’t read your original post fully, now realise that this isn’t an option. Pete.

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And I guess Bluetooths 2.4Ghz is also an issue?

I suggest Googling that… as it will be unrelated to setting up your Blynk server/client anyhow… they will just use whatever network connection is available on the RPi.

Take away the WiFi and the ESP is just a smaller, faster MCU with more memory. But unless that stuff matters, then perhaps oldschool Arduino & 3g/4g modem? The Mega offers lots of RAM, 16MHz runs anything I have thrown at it and tons of IO.