2x1 push button with color led

Hello everyone,

Using Blynk for a pretty long time, i found i’d like to see new button style & function.
Currently, even “SMALL button” is too big ), because it is 2x2 size.

How good it could be, if we could have a 2x1 “horizontal” push button, with own integrated LED, perhaps with RGB color change possibility

for example, i’d like to replace standard button like that
or like that:

I see following benefits:

  1. LED widget has only 5 symbols for description - it is not enough. 2x1 button can have longer description making control page more clear to understand
  2. BUTTON widget is too big. I dont feel comfortable to change between tabs often
  3. small 2x1 horisontal push button with color indicator can improve control page density and increase overall customer satisfaction )
    Typical example might be process launch button. Button action: start process trigger, button indicator color - depending on results received (black=idle/chillout, yellow=starting, green=started good, red= start fail)

Thank you in advance

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@Pavel WDYT? Smaller button is very frequent request. We can easily add it.

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button is too big for me so i use slider that is several buttons in one…

but smaller button would be nice too :slight_smile:

Small button with color led is even much more attractive than “usual” small button! :wink:

Let’s call it zeRGButton…