2 devices controlling the same 2 projects

How about friends, it turns out that I have 2 esp8266 boards each with a different project and my problem is that I want to pass these 2 projects to my wife’s device to the blynk application so that she can also control them when I’m not at home, someone knows how to do this?

You have two options:

  1. Log into your wife’s phone with your Blynk account. She will then see exactly what you see in Blynk. It also means that she will have exactly the same privileges as you, so she will be able to stop projects and add/delete/amend widgets etc. If you trust her not to mess things up then this is the simplest option.

  2. Share your projects. Each project you share will cost 1000 energy units, so you may want to consider putting the two devices into one project to save the energy costs. When you share the projects in this way your wife will be able to use them as normal, but she won’t be able to stop the projects, so there is no danger of her editing any of the widgets.
    When you stop the project to edit it then your wife wont be able to use it - she will get a message that the project is stopped. When you start the project again your wife will see the updated version, at no additional sharing cost.

Blynk also has a third option, which is cloning. This is intended to be used when you want a person to be able to easily copy your project for use with their own account and hardware. From what you describe, this isn’t suitable for what you want to achieve.


Hi pete! Thank you very much for your answer, the first option does not work for you since I registered my account with Facebook and would have to be connected on fb on his cell phone also with my account.

the second option is the easiest in my case since I have the 2 devices connected and working, I enter the app, I generate the link I pass my wife one of the 2 projects that I have and it works perfectly, and from there I don’t know what to do because in my wife’s cell phone app I can’t find a way to add the other project

Right, there is no way to have few shared projects opened simultaneously. Thats why Pete mentioned the need to merge those projects into one.

You could go to Login → Forgot password and setup a password (using your facebook email). Then use that email/password to login to account.

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Eugene!!! many thanks!! I will try it that way.

my problem is solved, thank you very much!! :muscle:t2:

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