128 Virtual Pins for some boards!

After introducing the Tab widget - we got several requests to add more virtual pins to powerful boards.
You have been heard :wink: Just added support for 128 Virtual Pins [0…127] for some boards:

  • Arduino 101, Zero, MKR1000, Mega and Due
  • ESP8266-based boards
  • All Particle devices
  • Linux, Node.js
  • Teensy 3.0+

You should be able to use them with the next App update, which should appear very soon on Android, and later for iOS.
This feature is available in the latest development branch: https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library/archive/master.zip

You can also force-enable this feature for other boards by uncommenting a line in BlynkConfig.h


Thanks guys, this will be very useful.

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what a way to start my weekend!

I will have to renegotiate my task list with the Master Controller to see if she can let me play with code for a few hours…

thank you! :thumbsup:


Hi Blynk Team, thank you indeed for this wonderful news!!
Just two questions:

If I used a Teensy 3.0+, which hardware have I to select when I start a project?

Why it has been necesary to limit this improvement only to some boards if then you can force this feature to everyone?

Thanks a lot for your work,

Sorry, Teensy3 support is not released yet, and it will include only a USB connection example at the beginning…
Anyway we will look into deeper integration once we get some spare time :wink:

Cool, Thanks!
I’ve been waiting for this!

Woo hoo! Thanks everyone for making this happen!!! :joy:


Thanks a lot!!! :wink:

@vshymanskyy can you please confirm that we require the latest release of the library, in addition to the new App, to be able to use 128 virtual pins.

New release is here already! :wink:

I’m using pin 127 now with the WeMos D1 Mini.

Needs the latest library and appears to require referencing as pin 127 not V127.

I see 128 VP now, thanks a lot, Blynk developers. iOS 9.3

Are the new 128 virtual pins working for anyone with control widgets on Android devices?

For me they work for the display widget but not control widgets.

hi @Costas - i got the following:

V91 - no action
V74 - no action

BUT BUT BUT the V41 only started action after i changed it to PUSH from SWITCH and played the app.

then i re-tried with V91 and same thing!

so try that :slight_smile:

Thanks @Dave1829 I will try the PUSH mode later as I was trying to use SWITCH mode.

Have you used the slider for V pins > 31?

No, you change it from push to switch then change it back or vice-versa.

I don’t use sliders sorry…

We will re-check it soon. Sorry!