0 - 5 bar pressure sensor for ESP32


I would need a 0 - 5 bar pressure sensor to place it in a water installation and be able to read the pressure with an esp32, either through the analog input or the I2C bus.

Do you know any device?

Thanks for your help and greetings.

5 bar is the equivalent of about 50m of water depth.
You won’t find may submersible sensors that can operate at this type of depth, or depth equivalent in a pressurised vessel. The one you do find wil be very specialised (= $$$$$).

There are non-submersible sensors that can measure this type of pressure at fairly low prices, such as the DFRobot one for around $16 but these would need to be attached to a port outside of a pressure vessel as opposed to being submerged.

Most people don’t place their sensors in the liquid, they use an air-filled tube inserted into the liquid and measure the air pressure within the tube.
Or, if you’re trying to measure depth of water in a container (although I can’t imagine a 50m deep/tall container being used for this) you could use an ultrasonic or laser device to measure distance to the water surface.

Maybe a forum focussed on industrial measurement systems would be a better place to ask.


maybe search on Google “pressure sensor G 1/4”

Thank you, I was wondering if anyone knows, works with a specific model and what was the result, just that.

I don’t think you’re going to get sensible/useable answers unless you explain more about your project and the physical setup that gives you the 5 bar of water pressure that you want to measure.


Thanks, the project is simple to measure the pressure in a hydraulic circuit, I can use different sensors with analog output (4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V), but I don’t want to have to connect a converter between sensor and esp32, for this For this reason, I ask the community if they know of any more specific sensor for use with this type of device (ESP).


So the sensor and its electrical connections doesn’t actually need to be immersed in the hydraulic fluid, as you implied in your initial post?..

If you used something like the DF Robot sensor…

then with a 5v supply this is going to give an output of around 2.5v at 5 Bar (0.5 MPa) which is within the acceptable analog input range for an ESP32 and it would be easy to map the results to give you a direct readout in Bar.

You’d obviously need to use an analog pin connected to ADC1 if you want to use the ESP32 with Blynk.

Even if you use a different sensor, or this one to read the full 0-10 Bar range, then a simple two resistor voltage divider is a very easy solution.


Thank you very much, I will inform myself about this sensor.