ZeRGBa widget


I think I found a lil’ bug in the Zebra widget (I’m not gonna mis-type the RGB part the whole time, LOL).

When I log in to Blynk from my iPad and switch to my iPhone (or the other way) the G and B pins are gone. I’m running it against the cloud server. I even got a change of pins on the R too. It looks likes it isn’t entirely stable. I’m not sure what the future holds for this widget, but I setup three sliders again to avoid this, but I can check a little more if it helps.

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Is it iOS or Android app?

It’s between the IOS apps. Both iPad and iPhone are the latest version IOS. My Adroid says “soon” but I’m not sure that is the latest version of Blynk. I don’t use it much for Blynk.

I made color control of RGB LED on arduino UNO with Blynk App.

zeRGBa widget send too many data. so arduino meet error that it is Buffer Overflow.

so, I changed from zeRGBa to Large Slider widget.

Slider widget is uncomfortable about color control.

I am using Node-Red and have had to deliberately slow down the output from the zeRGBa as it is killing my ESP board. Sliders are ok but vertical ones would be nice.