zeRGBa pin selection (Android)

I made a project which I would like to control with the zeRGBa widget.

Unfortunately, I cannot select the right pinout (digital pins) in the zeRGBa settings in the most recent Android app.
They show up, but cannot be selected. Not as Split-output and not as Merge-output.

Everything works just fine with the most recent iOS app.

Is this a known bug? If so, will this be fixed soon?

There is such issue, we’ll soon upload a new build with fixes to latest issues, like this one.

Sorry for inconvenience

Thank you for responding so quickly! When do you expect this new build? (approximately?)

For the moment I got it sort-of working with three separate buttons (one for each color).

Really nice app by the way!

We are in test of the build with several fixes for such issue, which we plan to release it soon, probably next week.

thanks indeed for the prompt replies in the forum.

Related to fixes: is there a changelog somewhere on the Blynk site of what was fixed in more detail?
And a list of “items to be fixed in the next release”?
This would save a lot of issues which were (going to be) fixed, getting posted on the forum again and again…?

Yes. We use github. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow to share tickets public. We’ll think what we can you here.

i was thinking Only me have this problem , so i will use slider for now till Blynk app get updated.