ZERGBA Issue - 3 colours

More strange behaviour than a bug… I might be doing something wrong, but I’ve never been able to get moer than combinations of 2 colours out of the Zergba - hence eliminatiing a whole range of pastel combinations… Why? Is it me or has someone missed a fundamental point in the RGB controller design?


A long term Blynk user … .Pete

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Hi Pete,

Is it iOS or Android? Do I understand correctly that only 2 values between 0-255 are sent.

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Pete @scargill is right.
I think that Pete is a hardcore Android user, but iOS is the same…

No matter where you put the cursor, one of the values is always zero - unless you hit the white blob, in which case all three values are 1023.

Personally, I use three colour sliders instead of the zeRGBa widget.


This has been this way since the beginning… I do recall reading a topic about the reasoning, sometime over a year ago…

Anyhow, I think it came out that the resolution of only two variables was more than sufficient for most use cases with such a simple control? Or possibly only the two due the type/size of control?? Search for more info :wink:

If you want more colour detail you can still use other controllers for fine tuning…

Found it… or at least one of them…

Oh, dear. 2 variables are indeed enough, however, this is hoe you might normally use then… https://jweir.github.io/colorwheel/
At one extreme you have white, smoothly moving to black - with a separate hue control. The ZERGBA misses out a whole range of colours by flicking instantly from full saturation to white. Henc no pink or cream etc…


FYI, To keep this topic complete I merged your comment, from that two year old topic, back into this current one.

Personally I think the zeRGBa was designed to be simple and aesthetic for basic “no code” use… like the rest of Blynk at the time. And it simply works for its purpose.

Besides, I like the look of the colorful African equid :wink:

Maybe Blynk 2.0 will have something different, with the precision that only a graphics designer would fiddle with :paintbrush: