Hello folks, i’m running ios app v 2.8.6
zergba widget is set to merge mode on a virtual pin, it’s work i receive the values in the code.

but there is a problem, instead of receiving all RGB values with their corresponding values, there is always either R,G or B set to 0. it’s at the widget level, there is always just 2 pin with corresponding values, and the third to 0.

any ideas ?

Are you using Blynk.sync() feature to sync stuff by any chance? I noted some erratic behaviour in that regard, but that was on Android.

Hello. Please show your code.

I’m not using Blink.sync(), but my pb is not at the code it’s at the app level

if i take the app, drop a zergba widget, press play, when i move the cursor on the widget, the values label showing in the widget always get either R,G or B to 0

We can’t know that until you show us the code.

This is not a bug. You are getting the selected color with 2 values. With current implementation only white color would send all thee values.

Thanks, but i don’t understand, if i look at random image on google image i can see zergba widget with all 3 colors setted ex: R=84 G=255 B=245 http://goo.gl/S6ky5A

in my case wherever i put the cursor either R,G or B set to 0, except for white where i get 255,255,255 as expected. can you tell me what you mean by “with current implementation only white would send 3 values” ? what about other colors ?

Hello Dmitriy, i shoud have not talked about code, my question is why on a fresh blynk ios app, dropping a zergba widget without code behind, widget always set either R,G or B to 0 in any position. just want it to know if this is normal. Eugene says it’s normal but i still don’t get why as i find on the web people with all 3 colors set to a value different than 0 at the same time. thx

The Zergba widget represents a 2-dimensional color picker with Hue values along X Axis and Brightness along Y Axis. The saturation of the result image is always maximum. When representing such color in RGB only two values is enough.

HSV color distribution might help understand what’s going on:

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Thanks Eugene, now i get why you were talking about the current implementation. i believe previous ones was only about RGB and not brightness.

i’ll try to figure now how to get those values and map them to my 3 pins to light a RGB Led a change the color on my breadboard.


back again :slight_smile: ok i don’t get it. on top of the widget there is 3 labels R, G & B.
i place cursor randomly on the zebra, labels get for example R=0, G=66, B=117

but then you says it’s HSV with Saturation always at maximum and that is why only 2 values are needed.
but in previous example which is Hue and which is Value ? is it Green (66) or Blue (117)
if it’s a HSV value should the label be H,S,V instead of R,G,B on the zebra widget ?

basically which value is which so i can convert them and apply R G B values to my pins.


@larafale First, to be clear, it is NOT a bug and all three R, G, B, values (even with the 0) will properly light up your RGB LED. >Here is a post in another thread< with some code I wrote to allow the ZeRGBa to control a physical RGB LED, as well as feedback colour data to a Widget LED (simulated RGB) and three sliders/LEDs, one each for Red, Green and Blue.

By using the sliders you can also tweak the third value. However, it will also show how minimal a benefit that 3rd value generally is… in fact once past a few points, any additional value of the third number starts merging the RGB closer to simulated white you get by mixing all three colours.

PS, the search function on this page will really benefit you. That referenced post (and others related) showed up with just the word zeRGBa

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You don’t need to convert. Conversion to RGB is done for you. Those values (R=0, G=66, B=117) are RGB.

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