Zergba function with RGBW neopixels (such as https://www.adafruit.com/product/2859)

I’ve been trying to control 7 rgbw Neopixels (https://www.adafruit.com/product/2859) from adafruit using their Feather M0 Wifi. I’m able to use the Feather absolutely fine with other blynk based projects, but as the zeRGBa widget has no white output i’m unable to use it with my setup,

I don’t want to be using sliders like in the Neopixel example, (I’ve tried adding a white variant of the rgb colours into the code, which didn’t work either)

is there a way to instruct the feather to turn the rgb neopixels off and the white led on when (255,255,255) is selected on the zeRGBa widget?

Many thanks for any help in advance,

Yes… but you will need to write some form of logic code in your sketch to do all that… basically a case of reading the zeRGBa values and some calculation using if() else so that if all three R G & B variables = 255 then run whatever needed code to switch off them and turn on the NeoPixel White LEDs, else carry on as normal and transfer those colour variables into the NeoPixel library commands as required to light up your strip as desired… solid, patterns, etc.

You could probably add in a couple of sliders to adjust the amount of strip that is lit as well as provide separate White only intensity levels.