zeRGBa bug

I found a bug in zeRGBa.

I pick a color manually and store rgb data (118,0,0) in three variables. I have a lot of variables, and every time I store the rgb code.

In this case I do:

  redValue = param[0].asInt();  
  greenValue = param[1].asInt();
  blueValue = param[2].asInt();
if (xyz == 1) { 
  redS1 = redValue; 
  greenS1 = greenValue; 
  blueS1 = blueValue;

The color is ok. But when I recall the position doing a:

 Blynk.virtualWrite(V52, redS1, greenS1, blueS1); // 118,0,0, the same color

he show me another position (always 118,0,0 but at right, not at left).

Thanks for report.

While it looks like a bug, this is actually just the way it works. The thing is that the β€œzebra” color spectrum starts with pure red and ends with pure red as well (so you can send red color from both edges).

So whenever widget receives the pure red color, it has 2 options to display it: on the left edge or on the right edge. The right edge was just chosen as default.

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