Yun and Value display

Got the Yun working with a button to turn on/off the Yuns internal LED on A13. Very cool. But cant get Blink to read a value and display it with the widget from the Yun. Is there maybe a sketch example on how to do this? Thanks

Every sketch can be combined with other examples. Check all the examples here:

Thanks. Got that working now. What I really want to do is display the value of temp sensor and convert it into C or F, as I currently do with my Yun, but on my andriod. Cant figure out how to get the Blynk display display a calculated value from an analog port. The more examples provided the better. Thanks for the app, its fun to play with it.

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You can write any code and then push data to Virtual Pin. Awesome, right?

// This function tells Arduino what to do if there is a Widget
// which is requesting data for Virtual Pin (5)
int tempCelsius = analogRead(A1);
  // This command writes tempCelsius to Virtual Pin (5);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(5, tempCelsius);
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Very cool !!! Need to test it. Cant wait for the other widgets to try.