Your ESP8266 is Not in the network - ESP8266MOD/ESP-12

Sorry guys

I´m not sure if I can ask about hardware, but I need to ask anyway
I work with ESP8266-01 without any problem, all is perfect, but now
I begining with the ESP8266MOD / ESP-12, I use the same connection
that I used in the ESP8266-01 for to program it, No problem I think
But when I want to control by Blynk the APP said that is not in the network

By the way to use ESP-12 just must to connect GPIO15 to GND.

Picture connection :–!60FEXSIb!YzAA5LvVfJOoBKQ2UYln3DohKUjOQJARd7oTy1R4kjE

I wonder if someone can share the connection diagram to use esp-12 with blynk

This is my hardware :–!LhMHyTQA!6m78_30vcm0Iatvj_qjHFaFyxB5nwzyMdEUW295vZAI


Sorry guys, I discover the problem with Auth Token in the Blynk local server, for that reason
the ESP-12 don´t connect to local server, but with blynk cloud server its ok, I must finish the
Auth Token issue