“Your app is outdated, please update” error in Blynk app

I have an arduino nano that transmits data via HC-05 to Blynk but after a few data transmitted provides the message:
“Your app is outdated, please update”
How can I solve this problem? I use Bluynk legacy as I have a BT device and don’t know how to integrate it on Blynk iot.
I have a phone with android

i noticed that this problem has already been fixed but my app contuinua to show me this error:
“Your app is outdated, please update”
After providing this error, the data that is transmitted to the App via BT stops being read and the App freezes.
What can I do? Thanks milli for the help

You’re not going to get much sensible feedback until you tell us exactly what the app version is, and what mobile OS you are running.

Also, a new (but different to the one mentioned in this topic) message has been added to the Legacy version of that app which states “Get the new Blynk app - This is an old version of Blynk which is no longer maintained and supported”.

You’re not referring to this message are you?


I refer to the legacy as in the new app Blynk iot I can not find where I can insert BT devices

I have no idea what that means.

I suggest you tell us what version of the app you are using, and post a screenshot of the message that you are seeing.


I’ve moved your previous comments into this topic you created.
Please don’t try to discuss the same issue in multiple topics, it gets very messy.

You need to to tell us the version of the Blynk app that you are running.


Version 2.27.32 blynk
Smartphone Galaxy A32 5G
Version android 11


hm, this is the latest version. i do not know why it gives this message, it makes no sense.

eventually try to downgrade to the previous version, afaik the only difference is that not gives these messages and it is possible to create new users:


As i can make a downgrade?
Someone can say me as is possibile that the hc-05 send the data in the first time and next after some time no ever the same time, it stop to send data.
As it can be’ possibile?

just uninstall the current version, install the one in the link and disable app auto update. then test if it gives the error.