You have reached the max number of Metafields you can create

Free Plan with 8 Metadata entries. Documentation indicates max of 10 entries. Can’t save any changes.

Tried another template with 6 entries (contact was the extra) with the same error. Removed the contact entry and now able to save without error popup. Appears that the limit is 5 with no capability to add any new entries.

Is this the expected action?

Thanks in advance

Hello @jacko , current Metafields limit for FREE plan is 5. It is correct. Documentation under update, we will change the documentation.

Or your plan is PLUS? For PLUS limit is 10.


Ouch! This was working at 8 in May and now un-expectedly is changed. Was there any notices posted of this change that i may have missed?

There are 5 default entries created, can any of those be deleted so a “contact” entry could be added? For instance a free user cannot use “location” metadata.

This particular user is using the free plan.

It was 10 limit before.

Perhaps not all changes on the free plan were notified

Need to delete some metafiles. Count should be max 5. After that, user can save template.

With 5 metadata fields, the only field that can be deleted is timezone. And I suspect that field is quite important to maintain event timing and logs.

The ability to delete “Location” or “Hotspot Name” would be preferred.

What information are you trying to store in these custom metadata fields?
Wouldn’t it be better to use a datastream?


Not as a switch or contact closure but as copied from metadata documentation…

“Contact – field name examples: “Contact Person”, “Representative”, etc… Un/mark checkboxes below to activate those fields.”

Then in Event notification, a contact person could receive a weekly email for instance.

If you explained more about exactly what sort of information you’re wanting to send every week then we might be able to suggest workarounds.


Agree. For the new product there are only 3 default metafields: “Device Name”, “Device Owner” and “Hotspot Name”. So on free plan you can add 2 more. Unfortunatelly, in the old products fields were created with “non remove” flag, so the users can’t remove them.

So if your product is not complex, I would recommend to recreate it.

Thanks Dmitriy, that is a workable solution.

Appreciate the feedback.