You have reached the max number of Events you can create

I can not edit the list of my events. Now I have 8 events in total (6 mine and 2 system). Trying to add one more gives this message “You have reached the max number of Events you can create” (see pic 1). More than that, when I try to delete one event (to replace it later with a new I need) I get the same message and no changes occur after pressing “save and apply” (see pic2, where event 4 deleted). Can anyone help please?

Probably you created these events before the limitations were introduced.

These are the list of limitations introduced.

Thank you, I really did not know that. Looks like the limit is 5 events in total, including those “online” “offline”? Too little I’d say, just 3…But what should I do now to get back control over my events list? As I said before it does not allow to remove any.

You cannot remove the online and offline events. So may be you are left with 3 events now. I am not so sure. But this might be it.