Y-axis resolution super chart

Of course… did you?

A slider is an analog adjustment by nature… and not as easy to fine tune for precision as press button option. Just look at all the recent complaints about the slider changes now… many want the simple integer option back :stuck_out_tongue:

If you really want to get precise, code in both course and smooth adjustments as is done on many bench-top power supplies… one widget gets you into the ballpark, the other fine tunes the precision.

But as the developers said, for precise adjustments there is the step.
And I think that a slider with 100 ticks can be adjust very well on a smartphone.
That said I agree that the integer option should be available, bot not block the float option.

PS: this thread was about another problem, not sliders :slight_smile:

My whole point :wink:

Have fun… I can barely get 0.01 precision with a range of 10… and a very careful touch with “send on release” OFF

Already there… as was the original… param.asInt();

You changed it buddy… not me :stuck_out_tongue:

In fact that is 1000 ticks :wink: My proposal is to have 100 ticks (or 2-300 max), that for a 0-10 range would be resolution of 0.1.

I never said I could reliably control that range :wink: just manipulate that thousandth digit if I was veeerrrry careful. However, simply mapping the resultant float value might give the control and range at the sketch level.

Personally, I would use my recommendation of a slider for ballpark and a step for precision… but then I haven’t needed such precision anyhow, so that is all theoretical.

It seems nobody likes the step :slight_smile:
So why not putting an int slider and a (high resolution) float slider and remove the step?

Only those that can’t/won’t program and want ‘simple’ solutions it seems… I have seen a few who loved the inclusion of the step precisely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: for the precision.

Anyhow… this has gone past my interest level :smiley: so carry on.

That sounds like something covered by https://www.blynk.io

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@Dmitriy Hi! Do you know if this floating decimal point option is planned for iOS as well?