Wireless Programming

It would be perfect if you could allow for programming in arduino IDE directly through wifi connection.


@BlynkDuino Do you mean writing the code on the smartphone and then flashing it to Arduino over the Internet, or writing it on the laptop and then flashing it over the air?

Writing code directly in the app and uploading it to a connected board with the native language, like programming an arduino to also interface with an XBee module.

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Wirelessly, that is. :neutral_face:

Now I see, thanks.

It’s definitely a great idea!
I doubt we can implement something it in the nearest future. However, your idea is stored. Let’s see what other people will say about it.

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Thanks for your consideration, sounds great!

How about at least making SSID and PASSWORD configurable from wifi? There’s a very nice arduino sketch for the ESP8266 that stores the latest successful login information in flash memory, and sets itself up as an AP to input a new SSID and PASSWORD if the logon fails.

Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out a way to make it work with Blynk.