WiPy 2.0 (ESP32 Dev Board Support)


Is there a Wipy 2.0 library available ?

I tried with Wipy 1.3 library but it doesn’t works


Hello and welcome to the Blynk forum.

I had to do some Google’n to understand what you were referring too, as I hadn’t seen any Blynk reference to a Wipy 1.3 library… but now I see that it is an ESP32 based development board you are refering too.

I don’t know the overall state of Blynk functionality/stability with ESP32, but in the App, if the WiPy board doesn’t work, then you can try ESP32 Dev Board or even Generic Board for the hardware type, … the board type just designates the available Digital/Analog pins and their numbering, as used in direct pin manipulation. However, if you are using only Virtual pins, you could probably use almost any board type and it would work the same :wink:

And in your sketch you need the following:

#include <WiFi.h>
#include <WiFiClient.h>
#include <BlynkSimpleEsp32.h>

Here is a link to the Sketch Builder


Hi Gunner:

That’s right, Wipy 2.0 works with ESP32 but the problem
is in the library, this module uses mycropython library like this

But that´s for old version of Wipy (1.3) and it doesn´t works for
version 2.0 :cry:

I don´t know if is already available any library for Wipy 2.0.

I see. That would be a question for the Developers. Might be best if you drop an update request in GitHub… just not sure where, Blynk’s (below) or WiPy’s (the link you posted).

@jakarman12 sorry PyCom still did not send us their board samples so we cannot test it.

Also want to use blynk on a wipy 2.0 … any updates on the subject?