Wineadore humitidy and temperature monitor / controller project

First off, I would like to thank this community for the help and the abundance of information.
I have no understanding of codding. as was able to put this project together by reading and a lot of trials and errors
I obtained this defective wine chiller from local add for free , with the idea of converting it to a cigar humidor.
Since it was a dual zone chiller, i decided to leave the top section as wine storage compartment which is neither chilled or cooled , after all i gutted the whole cooling parts ( compressor and wiring) out of the unit.
to cool the cigars i added a Peltier cooling fan and for humidity I’m using a small ultrasonic mist atomizer humidifier.
i copied the code from this community member KSinning ,and modified it to be able to run both relays to control temp./humi
here is the code

#include <DHT.h>
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h>
#include <SimpleTimer.h>
#include <WidgetLED.h>
#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial
char auth[] = "xxxxxxxxxxxxx"; 
SimpleTimer timer;
#define DHTPIN 12
#define DHTTYPE DHT22
const int relay1 =  5;
const int relay2 =  4;
int humLowTrigger;
int tempHighTrigger;
void updateHum(int param);
void updateTemp(int param);


void Readdata()
  float h = dht.readHumidity();
  float t = dht.readTemperature();
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V10, h);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V11, h);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V20, t);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V21, t);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V15, relay1);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V25, humLowTrigger);
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V24, tempHighTrigger);
  if(h < humLowTrigger) {
      digitalWrite(relay1, LOW); 
      Blynk.virtualWrite(V26, 0);
  } else {
      digitalWrite(relay1, HIGH);
      Blynk.virtualWrite(V26, 255);
if(t < tempHighTrigger) {
      digitalWrite(relay2, HIGH); 
      Blynk.virtualWrite(V27, 255);
  } else {
      digitalWrite(relay2, LOW);
      Blynk.virtualWrite(V27, 0);


void updateHum(int param) {
  humLowTrigger = param;
void updateTemp(int param){
tempHighTrigger = param;
void setup()
  Blynk.begin(auth, "xxxssx", "xxxxxxx");
  timer.setInterval(1000, Readdata);
  pinMode(relay1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(relay2, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(relay1, LOW);
   digitalWrite(relay2, HIGH);
  int humLowTrigger = 65;
  int TempHighTrigger = 20;
void loop()

Now my problem is every thing runs fine until there is power outage or my iPhone dies
the the system shuts down until i touch the sliders on blynk app
Help please how can i fix this
I’m using feather huzzah board
thank you

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