Windows universal app

Hey guys,

i would really appreciate an app for Windows 10 Desktop & mobile. It should be easy to convert it to an universal app, isn’t it? Is something similar already under consideration or even development?

I think you would expand your user base to a whole new level with an universal app.


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No. Windows phone market share is only 2.5%. Maybe some day in future we will do that. But not now. Sorry, we wish to, but we are limited in resources.

Windows Phone, yeah, actually 10% in Europe, but ok… Really sad to hear this :frowning: I asked because the Windows 10 mobile release is coming and with it the “real universal apps”, where Win 10 tablet user, Desktop user and Phone user could use the same app and the last thread about it was older.

Well, we don’t say no. We say not now =).

and then count all the makers…

We would love to support all the platforms, but we need to set priorities

I can totally understand this. How I said: Just wanted to ask :wink:

Any possibility to create some way to connect Blynk from Windows 7 desktop too ? :confused:

Market share still maybe 50 % of desktop PC’s :grin:

You can via HTTP API, Web sockets.

Just saying I would absolutely love this as well, especially since you’ll be able to support WP and desktop Windows in one go. I’ve integrated Blynk with Cortana using Cortana Triggers, IFTTT and Blynk’s REST API, but it would still be super nice to have a touch-ready interface, especially since the Surface line is so very popular among techies :slight_smile:

where can I find more information about how to do it (BLYNK client on Windows 7)

Could you please clarify - to do what?

I would love to have an app running on my Win10 desktop where I could see what is happening at home while at work :slight_smile:

you can use genymotion android emulator and install and running Blynk

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have the same BLYNK screen in windows 7 as on mobile phone. For tests e.g.

You can easily run Blynk under Android emulators.

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