Windows Phone App - a solitary demand or more interest?

I really like the blynk idea so much that I consider buying an Android / iOS device. But I rather would have a ‘Windows Phone’ app.

I am aware that there is just a small market share (especially in USA), and current Android / iOS apps will need attention, but maybe some others might raise there voices.

(I was already unable to back up due to a lack of a creditcard, so with my recently acquired windows phone I am truly incompatible :wink: )

Congratulations on the App launch

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We would love to! At the beginning of Blynk we were even discussing this. But right now we do not have resources for that. Maybe sometime in future… We are really sorry for that.

Would love to see this as well :smile:

I would love to see this happen! There are tools for porting an Android app to Windows mobile. What about that? Or just a universal app. This would be great.

I think that’s what Bryan is talking about:
It looks a very easy thing to do with this plataform offered by microsoft, but I’ve never tried to do that by myself.
Can you guy try do that? Please! I’ve realy loved the app!