Will we have to start all over again?

Hello !
I had a app preview to see how the app looks when published. In this process i started to get doubts !!

  1. lets say there are 2 widgets in the app and i get it published. So now in case now if i have to add 2 such devices in future with the same is it possible ? Like we now do in the developer mode (app) going to setting and adding one more device ! is this flexibility available in near future ?
    Because i will be struck with only 2 widgets(lets say button) (can we add more buttons ?)

  2. I was trying to create shared access and when the qr code is scanned it says something like the author had stopped the service…

  3. i created a new account on the local server and scanned the qr code from the app (ios) to (android) the project gets cloned but doesnt work. But when i log in from the account it works. And even shared access (generate link ) doesnt work… am i doing anything wrong >? i went through the docs did not find suitable answers for my question.

2nd and 3rd questions are not related to app publish , but i faced this problem during me checking the app preview working.

So once we pay the buyout price and take the app we BLYNK cannot do anything about it i guess !!!
Can we have any kind of flexibility like we do in this developer mode ? beacuse we are used to the multiple options available (like if not this let me try this !!!).

Please guide me !!!

You can amend your shared project and add/remove widgets (and devices, but I think you’re meaning widgets when you say devices).
If you add a new project then that won’t be shared.

Hit the play button in the top right of the app on the device where you created the app (where you’re signed-in as the main user, rather than running a cloned copy).

There are differences between the iOS and Android versions, but iOS generally has fewer features, so young in the direction you did it should work (I don’t have any android devices, so have never tried this).

I don’t understanding that statement at all!!


I will make it simple may be i was not clear on what I explained.

Lets say there is a project with one terminal and 2 pushbutton widgets. And i will pay and get the app in my name. So later if i want to add one more pushbutton or terminal in the app is it possible? Or can i add one more device like we now do in the developers app ?

Sorry, I’m still not clear about the question.

As I understand it, this is how sharing works…
The developer creates a project and shares it. This costs the developer 1000 units of energy.
Only the developer can modify the app, and when he/she does the changes are reflected on the apps used by the people running shared copies.
If more apps/devices are added to project by the developer then these are available in all the shared copies of the app.


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What if i buy the app !? Then what is the solution?

I don’t understand the question.


@PeteKnight the OP is referring to “published apps” not the freebie system.

If you are referring to paying for a commercial Application - https://www.blynk.io, then it will probably work differently in process… Right now you are using the “low cost / free” development side of Blynk, and many functions like sharing were designed for one thing but ended up getting used for much more complicated purposes. However, the Developers will work with you on your final commercial project and such things like multiple users can be tailored the way you need them to be.

@Madhukesh published apps is a complex subject but a few tips.

You control the hardware firmware and can update it remotely. With this in mind you should consider what version 2 and 3 of the app will require as far as widgets are concerned.

Add version 2 and 3 widgets in version 1. You can code them up later.

BUT don’t go overboard and add every widget available, like I did, as that just makes the version 1 product look far too complex. Nobody will be interested in version 2 and 3 if they don’t understand version 1.

i am not finding a solution on the final app build ! Even if am buying the app i am subscribing for any off the plans except buying the app !! But spending money on it and later not able to add any widgets and not able to add multiple devices and users will be a waste of money. Because once the app is publised and my project grows big then there is no room for change and am forced to buy a new app ! This is not done !
No plans of commercialised product till now ! But had questions in ma mind…

And can anyone pay the buyout price and use the existing blynk app ?

@Madhukesh All good questions to ask the actual developers, over on the commercial site I linked to :slight_smile:

But basically you use this “side” to develop and test… but don’t charge for as it is against the TOS. Then when you think you have a more solid idea of needs, you talk to the developers and they can build as you need.

So until n unless i make money out if it its not illegal to use the developer app!!but helping friends n family may be illegal i guess!! But in the mean time i will be spreading iot as well as BLYNK !! But after spending some money and in near future if the developer app stops working everything will come to a halt .

And i was planning to attend a exhibition on iot held here in India!! Can i use blynk to showcase out built project??i have a Student pass to attend…

Why? Do you charge them money to use your App?? Sounds very :heavy_dollar_sign: Mr. Scrooge :heavy_dollar_sign: to me :smile:

Why use that lame argument for justifying what is effectively “stealing” others labour… (if using it for free in a commercial setting, instead of paying because of a “what if”

Besides, once you go commercial you get your own private cloud server… and the option of buying out the entire thing to use forever… At least until you shut down and leave all your customers stranded… think on that :wink:


Please take some time to read about publishing here: http://help.blynk.cc/publishing-apps-made-with-blynk

Looks like most of the questions are covered with the articles there. Including:


Sarcasm is the best thing in this community!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

App wont do all the business right!!! Hardware is also the essential part … so i cannot help them or donate the hardware i am not running a helping organisation :laughing::laughing:…

Where will i get my own cloud server if am not subscribed to any or the blynk plans !! Except if am buying out the app .

And there is no lame argument as such as you are stating above !! It may be communication gap on what i mean and what you are understanding!!!

I am not charging my friends and family for the app however its not mine its blynk’s property !! Providing services using the app may be is against TOS i feel !! So wanted to make clear !! Later i dont want get into unnecessary problems…

I do my best :laughing:

It sounds like it :thinking:

Anyhow, I am just voicing my view… I am not affiliated with Blynk, just a volunteer with a penchant for order and a quirky sense of humor :wink:

Read over @Pavel’s information for your official answers… well, at least #1.

As for the #2. Sharing, and #3. Cloning of Cloud projects over the your Local Server… did you get that resolved or still need assistance in the process?

I know I know i see that in every post :joy::joy:… and am learning from you ! Sarcasm talks states the brain as healthy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile:

Thank you for the time you took for resolving the problems and doubts .
Yes i pushed the play button and it started to work as you said . Thank you .