Will there be an SDK eventually, can I support my own device?

Do all target platforms have to be supported by the Blynk Team directly or will an SDK be available so I might roll my own target?


@iByte, are you asking about the apps for iOs and Android SDKs? Or about hardware platforms?

Hardware platforms - I think of them as targets.

Hi iByte,

You will be able to create your own implementation of embedded client, for any platform you need.
We consider having json-based platform description files for easy integration of new platforms into mobile apps.

Hi Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it. If there is a chance for early access when it is ready please sign me up.

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When might this be available?
Iā€™m looking to do this in node.js for use with Node-Red


Here I prepared a small document about implementing own libraries:

Implementing a Blynk HW client (library)

You will also find a link to a Python script which is able to connect to the server and prints some communication details.
This page and the script will be updated, but it seems the provided information should be enough to get started.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions or need assistance.
Thank you!

did you succeeded to do a node-red implementation (or nodejs at first) ? very interested in this one :wink: