Will the Esp32 be Esp8266's worthy successor...?


I already see potential. I’d love to have the BT technology to make my house Eco-friendly. E.g. turn on lights when you enter a room and turn them off of you leave. That would be awesome, yet very practical.

It’s definitely an interesting chip and we are waiting for it to come out. The biggest question is the price.

The only thing that made ESP8266 that popular is the low cost.

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5$ - aliexpress

@Sahal_hash yeah its a worthy successor, due to presence of additional pins for gpio is the pretty much good thing in esp 32 .

i think there is two points makes this Chip not shine immediately ( more that a year now) as of the price factor and the immature Arduino environment port .
but for professional OEM i think it is ready with the Official SDK but not for us DIY users at least right now.