Will Blynk work as a remote bootloader for preexisting sketches?

I currently use a tftp bootloader to remotely upload sketches to an Arduino Mega project. Its not a particularly user friendly approach. Would Blynk allow me to streamline this process?

I am not sure about streamline but depending on your program you could shift some tasks to the app thus making it better?

There isn’t really a function (yet, or that I am aware of) that would allow “code dropping”

If you already have TFTP bootloader, the only thing is missing is to be able to call a function which will reset device into bootloader. This can be achieved by a virtual pin handler.

What do you think?

If you want to streamline the process (write a script or something), you also need to be able to write to the virtual pin from your script. We don’t provide such an option yet, but we are thinking about RESTfull API or something similar.

Please tell me if I missed something, I want to understand your task from the technical side. Thanks!

Thank you (Spudgunman also) for the replies. My project involves 480 RGB pixels ( WS2812 controlled) in a 24x20 array. I’ve written a number of sketches to display a variety of special effects. The Mega running the sketches isn’t easily accessible. I basically followed Stelios Tsampas’ recipe and used the code from : https://github.com/codebendercc/Ariadne-Bootloader. His code triggers the reset by accessing an “alternate port”. I suspect your suggestion of a virtual pin handler could work very similarly.
Currently, I reset from a remote browser – accessing that alternate port. Then run a tftp client from a command line window to flash the new sketch (as a .bin file) to the Mega. It is a workable solution : ) but I’m not sophisticated enough to know how to put it all together in a nice neat format : (