Сервер, мобильная сеть, wifi

запустил сервер через wifi -работает, при отключении компьютера приложение Blynk теряет связь, при переходе на мобильную сеть также нет связи с приложением. Так должно быть ?.

The message after being google translated:

launched the server via wifi-works, when the
computer is disconnected, the Blynk application loses its connection, and when it switches to the mobile network, there is also no connection with the application. That is how it should be ?.

Yes, in order to run a local server, you must keep the machine running it, turned on 24/7.

When switching to mobile data you are accessing the local server from outside your network, thus in order to do so it will need to be set up specifically.

If you want both of these features you can use the Blynk cloud servers these don’t need to be hosted on any of your own hardware and make your project accessible from anywhere in the world.

To figure out how to use the blynk servers just look at some of the example code provided with the library.

(I have never used Blynk local servers and so what I’m saying is an educated guess and may well be factually incorrect)

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