Wifi provisioning and pre-assigned templates for device class


I would like to sell a global Wifi product that has no 4G/LTE connectivity, but could be claimed by the client and assigned the correct template for the product by Blynk server during initial setup.

i.e. the device will come with pre-assigned Auth token, and a corresponding template for device class.

Once the client provides Wifi credentials for the initial connection to Server, the app will automatically claim the device to client’s account and assign the correct template.

How hard it would be and what are possible ways to do so?

Thanks in Advance


Here is docs for dynamic tokens: https://docs.blynk.io/en/commercial-use/deploying-products-with-dynamic-authtokens

Here is doc for static tokens: https://docs.blynk.io/en/commercial-use/deploying-products-with-static-authtokens

Please let me know if you still have a questions after reading docs.